This Glossary is a non-exhaustive list of the key terms used in commodities trading.
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American Petroleum Institute The primary U.S. oil industry trade association, based in Washington, D.C. API conducts research and sets technical... View Article


The simultaneous purchase and sale of like-kind commodities in different markets to take advantage of a price discrepancy between the... View Article


Bill of lading A transport document signed by the ship’s master or his agent, or by the carrier or its... View Article


When the price of nearer (typically prompt or spot) crude underlying commodity or instrument trades at a premium to the... View Article


Baltic Dry Index Proxy for dry bulk shipping stocks and a general shipping market bellwether contains route assessments based only... View Article


cubic meter


The element that makes lithium-ion batteries and thus electric cars so expensive. Classification: Non-Ferrous Metals Global production: 140,000 metric tons... View Article


Description for an energy market where the anticipated value of the spot price in the future is higher than the... View Article


Consumer Price Index a measure of the average change in prices over time in a fixed market basket of goods... View Article